“You Want To Rig The Election Of A Man That Knows How Many Gallons Of Oil Is Stolen Every Year?” – Kenneth Okonkwo Queries INEC Over Peter Obi


Popular Nigerian Actor-turned-politician, Kenneth Okonkwo has accused INEC of cheating the recently-concluded 2023 elections.

Kenneth Okonkwo on INEC and Peter Obi
Taking  to his Instagram page, the valiant Labour Party candidate argued that his Principal candidate Peter Obi must have won the elections.



Okonkwo took it upon himself to remind INEC authorities of how Obi battled and defeated Chris Ngige to win the governorship of Anambra State.


“A man that knows how many gallons of oil that’s being stolen every year in Nigeria. You want to rig the election without asking questions? The fear of Peter Obi is the beginning of INEC sweating in the court room defending itself. Ask Mazi Chris Ngige what happened in 2006 when they stole Obi’s mandate. Ndi ala, ” Kenneth Okonkwo wrote.


Recall that they have been speculations across Nigeria that the 2023 presidential election may end up in a constitutional crisis.

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