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“You Only Started Trending When I Came Out…..I Go Drive Come Your House B£@t You”- Phyna Thr£@t£ns A Certain Housemate Because Of Her Fans

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Bbnaija Level Up Winner, Phyna has called out a certain housemate and fans of a certain housemate as she says they were insulting her parents and sending her death threats.


Phyna said the housemate only started trending when she came out of the bbnaija house, and the housemate is supporting her fans and have refused to call them to order.

"You Only Started Trending When I Came Out.....I Go Drive Come Your House B£@t You"- Phyna Thr£@t£ns A Certain Housemate Because Of Her Fans

Her words:

If you are clapping hands for your fan to be holding space to drag another person….I go drive come your house come beat you”


Phyna Beauty fight


Watch the Video below:



Some comments online:


Dey Gon cry but na you dey cry the most, call the name with your full chest if e sure for you now. You thought the other housemates too aren’t getting treats in their DM’s? They just handle it the best way which is ignoring. A little counsel for you, if you go person house go beat am, you go sleep for prison, try am and see



U see this beating u are always talking about this girl.u will receive it first from one the ex house mates one day yeye girl.no be who first start fight dey win.na real life be this not big brother house.nonsense



Phyna calm down
Even your fans do the most oo
I remembered how they dragged chomzy for a week her comment section was filled with insults even in her dm she didn’t say a word
I’m also sure your fans must have said alot in beauty’s dm too is it because she didn’t post about her own

Any housemate way you beat na police station oo 50M go finish for police case😂😂😂😂😂



This lady needs to know that some fans aren’t sane & you can’t control how they act. You can give thousand warning & they won’t stop. She needs to focus more on the love & try to control her space instead of threatening to beat housemates….it’s weird!!



🤣🤣🤣 it’s the you go find the fave go him house go beat am 🤣🤣🤣 walahi na comedian you be. Try am na make you sleep for cell, you think say na by gragra? E be like say you think say na biggy house you still dey. Try and be thinking sometimes before you open your mouth waaaaa. You are razz no mean say razz person no dey go jail. Your team needs to do a lot on your matter. Do you know how many bbn hms even Ebuka receive threats on a daily, do you think your own fans are saints and they don’t do same? Mtweeeee abi rest.



Phyna fans will always be fans no celebrity can control them, you need to focus on yourself and stop fighting shadow for a man who can walk away from you whenever he’s ready. Talking about manager, baby girl your manager is really doing a bad job managing you cos if he/she is doing a good job they won’t allow keep talking about this matter all the time. Level up girl and act like the winner you are.



Go be.at am now.. who dey hold you abi you nor sabi road? 😂. You don dey shout this thing since, mam take action. Please livestream it, i won see something 🤲😙.

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