“You Called Just For Clout”- Yvonne Godswill Writes After Mmeli Filmed Juicy Jay Calling Her At His Birthday Party (VIDEO)

Big Brother Titans star, Yvonne Godswill, has slammed her lover on the show, Juicy Jay for allegedly using her for clout.

Last night, Juicy Jay Celebrates his 25th birthday with Friends and fellow celebrities. At the party, Juicy Jay made a video call to his lover, Yvonne. Their co-housemate, Mmeli Filmed them while face timing. This got Yvonne very upset, which made her tweet about the call. According to Yvonne, the call was just for clout.

Yvonne Godswill’s tweet reads:


My biggest losses came from being too loyal….They hate you when you hold them accountable and set boundaries. Always keep it ???? …..I see the gaslighting

You call just to use for clout?? Goodnight please ????


See video below:


Some comments from her followers:


You are pushing 40 but still on Twitter talking shit????? On the other hand plz let the 25 yr old Young man celebrate his birthday in peace.. This Drama is unnecessary… No one Ruined your 25th Birthday 10 years ago ????. I hate this so much..




He had no idea a video was even been taken. Please let the guy be at peace this night. Is his birthday




I feel bad for Juicy,he wasnt aware Mmeli was on Live.. not sure Mmeli meant any harm 2, ppl were just askn to see Juicy. Vonne shldnt hav takn it d wrong way.



This their whole hide hide relationship, I know it’s Yvonne’s idea but then the hide and seek is just too much… this is nothing to get angry over ruining the poor boy’s birthday

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