Wizkid finally responds to Shata Wale’s rants


Wizkid replies Shatta Wale after he dragged Nigerian artistes.

Shatta Wale, a Ghanaian singer, recently spewed a lot of ‘crap’ about his Nigerian colleagues, which caused quite a stir.

After selling out a stadium in his home country of Ghana, Shatta Wale slammed Nigerian artists, saying:


“They said I won’t be able to fill my own stadiums, I don’t need any Nigerian artiste to sell out Ghana’s stadium, f**k Nigerian artistes”.

The Dancehall Artiste was criticized for his hateful remarks, but he continued his rant by claiming that Nigerian musicians do not show love.

“Your artistes see Ghana like heaven. Anytime I say something about Nigeria it hits them hard. You guys sing about love but you don’t have it. All na scam,” the rapper tweeted.

He added, “Nobody is hating nobody here but the way you Naija people like comparing your artistes to us is absurd.

Wizkid responds to Shatta Wale’s rants in a near-obvious way, saying;

I got a message for you tonight!

Me i don’t care if you are black, white, blue or purple, I don’t give a *.

I will show you the same love i show my brother or my sister

We move together in Numbers baby, and i want you to know it is one love, one Africa everyday.

Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, we are all one and the same.

See video below ;

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