Uti Nwachukwu complains about chemical usage in bottled water


Media personality Uti Nwachukwu, has complained about the use of chemicals in bottled water as he narrated his ordeal after ingesting bottles of water.

While not mentioning names of the bottled water brands he consumed, Nwachukwu wrote that he will not hesitate to reveal their names if the issue aren’t addressed pronto.

Nwachukwu wrote, “Dear bottled water companies, please what have you started adding to your water? If I wanted to projectile poop six-seven times a day, I’d have bought slimming tea!


“What’s all this? It can’t be only me! And it’s the biggest brands! Two of them now! Fix it so that I don’t call your names!

“I knew there was a problem when I was pooping steady and it was smelling of chemicals, like sanitizer, or alum or something! I stopped the first one and the stooling ceased.

“Took the second one and there were no issues. I bought a small bottle and it was worse! This one came with abdominal discomfort, acid reflux, and yes, watery stool with that same chemical/alum aroma.

“So now, I can only vouch for one brand that’s currently safe to consume. SMH. Who checks the standards of these things we put in our bodies?

“Reputable brands like these are causing harm! Who even knows the effects on our organs? I’m tired!”


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