Traffic hawker in viral video reveals reason he gave money to prisoners on transit


Traffic hawker in viral video says ‘freedom’ motivated his kind act.

As caught in a viral video that won the hearts of many, a traffic hawker explains why he gives out his small returns to prisoners.

A traffic hawker was seen in a viral video handing money to inmates being transported in a truck around Lagos’ Ajah axis.


The act of kindness drew a lot of attention on the internet, earning the young man an interview with a journalist who questioned why he did it.

The traffic hawker claims that, unlike the prisoners, he enjoys freedom, which was his primary motivation for giving to them.

“I gave the prisoners money out of pity, Though I am very poor and sell pure water, I still have my Freedom, I can eat whatever I want to eat and go anywhere I want to go, but the prisoners do not have that freedom,” he said.

Watch the videos below …

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