“Today Marks 3 Years Since My Brother Was Murd$ered “- BBNaija’s Khafi Kareem remembers late brother three years after his d£mise

Reality TV star, Khafi Kareem has penned a tribute to her late brother, who was murdered on the 8th of June, three years ago.

Khafi noted that the 8th of June every year feels like the day of death and there has been no justice.

In her words;

Today marked 3 years since my brother was murdered. I spend most of the year dreading the 8th of June. I feel like a day of death, let alone a day of murder is not a day myself or my family should have to commemorate or remember, it is in fact a nightmare that each anniversary makes that much more real, but it’s been three years and still no one has faced justice. Three years since you were killed in what is “meant” to be a civilised society whilst doing what is “meant” to be a super normal thing, just going to the shops. And three years since the people who did it have been out on the loose.

Thank you to the news outlets that continue to share my brother’s story and our appeal for justice and for information. To those who know who did this, please come forward and know that you aren’t protecting yourself by keeping the info to yourself. It is more dangerous that these people are still roaming freely and capable of doing this to someone else.

To the people/ person who took my brother’s life, I pray you will have no rest in your Spirit until you confess and hand yourself in. You may think you’ve gotten away with it but trust me, God is not asleep, justice will be served. I pray the evil you have put our family through you will never put another family through. Hand yourself in and stop running.

And to Alex, we love you. We love you. We love you. We will never stop.

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