“They Att@cked Me With Kn!ves, One Of Them Even Had A P!stol” – Actress, Chioma Akoptha Reveals How She Escaped From Thugs In Polling Unit At Lagos


Nollywood actress, Chioma Akpotha, has raised an alarm over threats to her life during the ongoing governorship elections in Lagos State, Nigeria. The actress revealed that she was attacked at her polling unit when she tried to record activities at the unit. This is not the first time the actress has experienced such an incident as she also faced a similar attack during the presidential election .

Chioma Akpotha


Taking to her Instagram live, Chioma Akpotha recounted her ordeal and shared a video of her damaged car. In the video, she could be heard saying that the thugs came at her with knives and bottles, and she had to run for her life, leaving her car at the polling unit. She also revealed that her car’s side mirrors were destroyed, and she was unsure of the extent of the damage done to her car.

The Nollywood actress expressed her disappointment with the situation, stating that the government should ensure that every citizen is safe during the election. She also called on the government to ensure that adequate security measures are put in place to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

This is not the first time that Nigerian celebrities have expressed their concerns over their safety during elections. Many have raised concerns about the level of insecurity in the country and the need for the government to take drastic measures to protect citizens.

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