“The bills are too much for me to pay alone. Please do your part” Korra Obidi calls out ex-husband, Justin Dean over failure to pay school fees (VIDEO)


Dancer and singer, Korra Obidi, has complained in a live video on her page about her ex-husband, Justin Dean being irresponsible and refusing to contribute to the welfare of their kids. Korra spoke pleaded with Justin to pay his part of electricity, healthcare bills, etc.

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Months ago, Justin Dean, the estranged husband of Popular Nigerian Dancer, Korra Obidi  explained the controversies surrounding his marriage to the dancer.

Justin Dean on Korra Obidi

In a live session, he held on Instagram, Justin said he met Korra in China and their love bloomed weeks later.



He revealed that during that time, Korra was earning very little, and her job barely allowed her the time to pursue her passion for singing and dancing. Hence, he advised her to explore content creation as a means to fully utilize her talents.



Justin, also suggested Korra go to Los Angeles, a place well-known for its rapidly growing entertainment industry.



The father of two emphasised that he gave her unwavering moral support, particularly when she was feeling down due to the first lack of response to her content offerings.



He added that he actively took part in Korra’s content creation process by getting hands-on experience in several areas. Justin claimed to have helped with the filming, editing, and idea generation to improve the attraction of her video to internet viewers.



Justin bemoaned his deep disappointment, bemoaning the fact that despite all of his efforts to advance her business, all he ever got in return from his ex-wife was slander and animosity.



He supported his claims by presenting evidence of Korra Obidi’s earnings in a month, totalling $85,000. Justin insinuated that her behaviour changed negatively after she achieved success.


Captioning his Facebook post, Justin wrote;
“Time to defend me and tell my side of the story, I’m tired of the lies”

Justin Dean on Korra Obidi


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