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“The Bible needs to be edited. I’m struggling to forgive and understand you God”- BBNaija’s Alex writes as she mourns her colleague Rico Swavey

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Reality TV star, Alex Unusual has mourned the death of her colleague and friend, Rico Swavey who passed on some hours ago. Just like Ifu Ennada, Alex also questioned God on the reason he took her friend from her, despite all the prayers.


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Alex Unusual wrote:

Patrick, if I didn’t tap you numerous times this morning, call your name, beg on my knees and you refused to say a word to me, I would have said, “don’t worry, it’s one of Rico’s jokes”.
I know you read all my messages so if you see this one, know that your six foot Amazon is broken. I begged you, I begged God, I promised you I’ll stay strong and shed no tear last night. Rico, I actually kept to my promise. I didn’t cry, I opened that group you wanted, I felt your body and it was warm, I watched you breathe and I was sure you’ll open your eyes properly soon and say “baby girl, wagwan”.
Do I question God ? Infact God!!! You let this happen? What did you say about faith because I’m sure I had serious faith!!! I know there is a reason but do you understand that you broke my fragile heart to pieces? I can’t explain this pain. I begged you!!! I did!!!. I told you I’ll give anything!!! I promised to never miss my prayers again. I’m struggling to forgive and understand you God! Please help me reduce this chest pain I feel. My head feels heavy. I feel dizzy!!! You hurt me so much!! I’m mad at you!! Why did you let me make all the promises I made to Rico last night if you were going to take him ?

Heaven gained one but I lost 😡. I’m not sure if I understand what faith is because for the first time, I had so much faith and no doubt but It didn’t work. The Bible needs to be edited. Oh death! You did this one and it hit way more than you even planned it. Weldone.

I know Rico will be upset seeing me like this so I’ll hold it together. I shot a whole movie and I became the character I wrote about!. I should have picked that call. I should have called back!! I failed once again!! I’m a horrible person!! Terrible!!! I can’t forgive myself.

Please God, take care of my friend the way he takes care of me. He loves to cook, please let him do it. He loves to sing too and he loves to look fresh. Don’t let him drive ever again. Don’t leave him by himself.

Please make him happy. I miss him but I have no choice. Please protect his family. I know I’m talking to you even though I’m mad at you but I’ll get over it.

Rico, this wasn’t what we agreed. Rest well my Baby boy 🙏🏽.


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