“Thank God no be 9ja” – Nigerians reaction as American lady finds her missing iPhone in Ghana [Video]


Mixed reactions as American lady finds her missing iPhone in Ghana.

Nigerians have reacted to a video of an American woman who, despite losing her iPhone in Washington, DC, found it in a phone store in Ghana.

She claims she misplaced her iPhone while walking down a Washington, DC street.


She stated that prior to receiving the warning a few days ago, all attempts to locate the iPhone were futile because it was turned off.

She said she tracked the iPhone after receiving an email from Apple telling her that her phone was turned on, expressing surprise at its new location.

She discovered that her missing iPhone is currently (on sale) in a phone store in Ghana after tracking it down.

Many Nigerians on social media reacted positively to the lady’s story, with many expressing delight that she had not found her missing iPhone in Nigeria.

@Mattt said, “Your phone done turn London and UK used phone for Ghana.”

@Kingff said, “Thank God no be 9ja you find am.”

Watch the video below;

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