Stop worrying about making money, worry about spending less – Kiddwaya advices

Kiddwaya advices Nigerians to stop worrying about making money, worry about spending less.

Terseer Waya, a billionaire son known as Kiddwaya, has advised Nigerians not to be too focused on making money.

People who want to achieve success and financial security, according to Kiddwaya, should not focus on those things.

He suggested that people should be more concerned with spending less since it will teach them more about money management.

It’s a widely held concept that if you want to be successful, you should diversify your revenue streams and earn money from a variety of sources.

Kiddwaya, the rich son, has thrown more light by saying that spending less is preferable to making more money.

Kiddwaya wrote;

”Too many people worry about making more money. Worry about spending less.”


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