She Is Choking Me With Love, Advice Needed


Choking Me With Love

Our relationship is just three months old, she has used my pics as her DP both on WhatsApp and FB for the past two months now, It’s irritating and I don’t even feel any vibe from that shit.

She can’t go a week without posting my pics on her status and now too many people already know that I am dating the babe.

How do I even stop her without making her feel silly? She is loving me too much Like the love is choking me for real.

why posting all the time with captions like that. Forever is the deal. for better or worse, Ayomi I will not leave you even at the point of death.

I am scared I may even break her heart sooner,
please advise me on how do I stop her from putting much hope in me. To her, she has found her hubby but I am not even ready for that marriage shit in the next three years.

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