Shatta Wale snitched on BurnaBoy, slept with his girlfriend – Singer’s ex-bestie, Wizla Finito spills (Video)


Shatta Wale’s ex-bestie accuses him of snitching and sleeping with Burna Boy’s girlfriend.

The feud between Shatta Wale and Burna Boy is becoming increasingly interesting.

The Ghanaian singer recently maintained in his tweets that Burna Boy is a “woman” in the eyes of “real men.” Shatta Wale went on to say that he has nothing to do with Nigeria and that he is more successful than the Nigerian artist since he has more properties and automobiles.


He also accused Burna Boy of being a rapist, admitting that he had rap*d Burna Boy’s girlfriend in the process.

Shatta Wale’s ex-bestie reacted to the continuing drama by blasting him on Facebook, labeling him a snitch and traitor.

On his Facebook page, Wizla Finito wrote:

When I told you pipos about how Wale passed behind Burna Boy to go chop Burna ein girlfriend you pipos thought I was lying. You see, the truth be say Odowgu go no wan talk about the matter in public but if he talk about it you go cry give am sef.

Wale sellout the street for 50 peswas longest, you dare not betray your friends in this way on the streets of Croydon or Peckham. You don’t fuck your best friend’s girlfriend and still expect him to dine and wine with you from the same table. Sorry Burna Boy, I feel your pain bro 😎

Small fame you get you wan take hurt everyone around you.

Burna Boy decided not roll with you anymore lol, sake of you slept with his woman, you betrayed his trust and loyalty the same way you have done to most of us. If God is indeed God, Aswear He will judge you right here on Earth for this kind of snitch life you live on the street. The fools too knows the truth and knows that Wale has broken the street code and the hearts of many but they will still come and defend this uncultured behaviour with their yam phones. Ofuii pipos


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