Saida Boj Finally Apologizes Over Statement Of 20million Naira She Made On Nedu’s Podcast (VIDEO)

Saida Boj finally succumbs to pressure, apologizes for the controversial statement(s) she made on her last podcast interview.

Saida Boj

Famous controversial social media influencer, Saida Boj finally apologizes to public over statement she made on Nedu’s Podcast.

The social media influencer once made a statement 3 weeks ago, in the Honest Bunch Podcast, hosted by Nedu, that if a man can spend 20million Naira on her, such man can go through her legs and have s3x with her.

The trend of the interview video between Nedu and Saida BOJ, received heavy backlash on social media.

Saida Boj openly explained that she discovered her statement was very wrong and has a very negative effect on people. She further expressed that she said all her words, because of the pressure while facing the camera.

She said the 20million Naira was a mistake, that the actual amount she wanted saying was 19.8million Naira.

Watch Saida Boj speak below…

Amid the effect of the video in the internet community, one Philip had advised women to be wary of broadcasters and podcast owners using them for content and views.

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