“Public Schools Are Free” – Korra Obidi’s Ex-Husband, Justin Dean Finally Replies After She Called Him Out For Not Paying The School Fees Of Their Kids (VIDEO)

Justin Dean, the ex-husband of Popular Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi has finally replied to her after she called him out for not paying the school fees of their kids.

Korra Obidi's ex-husband on kid fees
Remember that the mother of two, who is single, had already expressed her anger on the internet about the mounting costs she is paying as a result of her spouse’s refusal to pay for their children’s school fees.


She had insisted that she didn’t want her children attending any public schools as she didn’t think the quality of education there was all that good and that the public schools in Los Angeles, where she lived, weren’t much better.


But in a recent video response to this, Justin Dean pointed out that public schools are tuition-free and that the government typically pays for them using money from taxpayers.


In his explanation, he noted that property taxes are usually paid by homeowners, and these taxes are used to fund schools. Hence, the quality of a public school is dependent on the kind of locality the person lives.



Watch the video below:


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