Prophet Fufeyin Announces Cross Over Services To 2022

Prophet Fufeyin tells Nigerians to follow him cross over to 2022.

The founder of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, billionaire Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin has urged Nigerians to follow him and cross over to 2022 if they want to experience a turnaround in the new year.

Fufeyin in a video made available to journalists said there was no reason for so many lives to remain stagnant in 2022, stressing that there is a need for a gate pass that will lead people to breakthrough in every aspect of their lives.

“Please come on board with me from December 28th to midnight of 31st when we cross over to 2022,” Fufeyin said while urging his followers to get a “Gate Pass and T-shirt.”

He stated that people must allow themselves not to be locked out of the progress in the new year, adding that marital favors, business turnaround, breakthroughs in finances, careers, and other blessings would be a special focus in terms of prayer.

“We are about to enter 2022. It is a year that the Lord has blessed special people. You need to follow the right person in crossing into 2022. The Israelites followed Moses in order to succeed. So you have to follow somebody to succeed. When Moses crossed the Red Sea, something happened. Your enemies shall never ever go with you to 2022” Fufeyin said making reference to the man whose life was transformed in the Bible at the beautiful gate, Fufeyin said a gate pass was necessary to transformation.

He said God gave him the mandate to transform lives through the gate pass, adding it was the staff of Moses that was used by the Israelites to evade being bitten to death by snakes. “The Lord must push you to next level in 2022. You can not make it alone except Jesus pushes you forward,” he said


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