Pay me for all sex we had – Lady tells estranged boyfriend


An interesting drama played out in court after two disgruntled lovers dragged each other demanding one thing or the other after their relationship went south.

A video originally shared by social media influencer and TV host, Cindy Nkeiru Okafo shows the lady asking her boyfriend to pay her back in cash for all the s3x she had with him whilst they were dating after the guy demanded a return of all the items he gifted her.


The lady told the court judge who presided over their case that her ex-boyfriend bought her a phone, a wristwatch and a necklace and also claimed he stormed her house to collect a generator he gave her.

“Yes he bought me a gift, he bought me a phone and wristwatch. One morning he just came to my house, I don’t understand and I saw him through the window.” she said.

“I rushed and hide some things because I know the kind of person he is. He just run to my back yard and then collected my generator and asked me to give him back the wristwatch and phone,” the lady said, adding that she is learning from past experience.

“I want him to give me back my generator, and when he collected the generator, I told him that I can’t pay him back. This watch and this phone, are mine. After all, we had sex together,” she added.

The man was humbled by her request as he could not quantify in monetary terms how much he owes the lady in that regards.

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