Nkechi Blessing slams actors who rush to post RIP when their colleagues die


Nkechi Blessing Sunday has slammed her colleagues who are quick to rush to social media to mourn the death of a fellow actor.

Her post comes hours after many of her colleagues took to social media to ”mourn” Iyabo Oko who was initially reported dead but later came back to life.

Bisi Aisha, the actress’s daughter, used social media to share the news of her mother’s death due to health problems.


Bisi refuted Iyabo Oko’s death in a new video, claiming that she moved her hands hours after the doctor declared her dead.

“Wonderful being, she moved her hand after been confirmed dead 3hrs ago. God we will forever praise ur HOLY name,” she wrote in a post.

Seemingly reacting to the turn of events, Nkechi Blessing Sunday, urged her colleagues in the Yoruba film industry who rush to post RIP when their colleagues die to do better.

Although not mentioning any name, Nkechi wondered if any help was rendered to her by the actors who rushed online to ”mourn” her.

See what she wrote below…


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