“Money will fail in the 2023 elections” – Oby Ezekwesili

Former Education Minister, Oby Ezekwesili, has said that money will fail politicians during the 2023 elections.

Taking to Twitter to react to the presidential ambition of Bola Tinubu, she urged Nigerians to decide the next president themselves.

See what she wrote below;

Money will fail in the 2023 elections. Mark my word.

I watched one of those so-called “public analysts” boast that “ Bola Tinubu has consulted the President. It is a given that Bola Tinubu will be the next President of Nigeria”. In a Democracy o. It’s not your fault.

Hundreds of millions of citizens cannot continue to stay docile while a bunch of political buccaneers act as though Nigeria is a Carcass and they are vultures from one electoral cycle to another. But remaining docile is also an option. Yes, an option with clear consequences

It is citizens that have the power to collectively tell the likes of Mr Bola Tinubu that the season of lowest common denominator of political leaders doing “turn-by-turn” incompetent governance of Nigeria is over. The question is, “are citizens ready to collectively do so?”

A country like Nigeria cannot keep digging deeper into the labyrinth of failure because of low degree of public leadership. The 21st Century is racing fast to an end. Just look at where our continent lies prostrate at the feet of bad governance. Nigeria mostly accounts for it


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