Moment passenger noticed multiple women couldn’t sit on plane after butt surgery


A flight passenger captured the moment she noticed multiple female passengers kneeling on their seats during a flight, after they had gotten a butt enlargement surgery.

Patients must avoid putting direct pressure on the buttocks for at least two weeks following surgery to allow the transferred fat to develop a healthy blood supply.


Patients who fail to follow postoperative instructions closely may risk losing a large portion of the fat cells, which will significantly compromise their results. In order to preserve the fat cells, patients should avoid putting any direct pressure on their butt for several weeks. This includes sitting, lying down, driving, and other activities.

In the video which has now gone viral, a number of women are seen struggling to sit properly, after undergoing the process.

Some are seen kneeling on the floor while others are seen kneeling on their seats.

The woman filming wrote in the caption as she shared the video online: “So I got on my flight today and everyone seated around me just had surgery.

“They didn’t know each other.”

She added: “Remember ladies, if you’re getting a BBL (Brazillian Butt Lift) don’t forget about the flight home. Pack something comfy for your knees.”

Watch video below;

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