Moment man goes down on his knees to thank wife for marrying him (Video)

Man gets down on his knees and expresses gratitude to his wife for marrying him.

A man went down on his knees to thank his beautiful wife for marrying him, into viral video footage.

His wife, who played the role of videographer, could be heard asking him questions while he delivered his candid responses in the video.

While speaking, the man expressed gratitude to his wife for marrying him and stated that if he had married another undisclosed woman, he would have divorced her by now since he would not have been able to cope.

He went on to say that what drew him to his wife was the fact that she never asked for anything from him during their relationship and that he was the one who freely offered when he wanted to. This piqued his interest in her, according to him.

Watch the video below;

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