Lady shares bathroom state of man she visited for first time

A lady has taken to social media to share a disturbing video of the bathroom of a man she visited for the first time.

According to the lady, she had gone to the guy’s house to chill when she asked to use the bathroom, and what she saw made her resolve never to see him again.

In the video she shared, the bathroom looked very untidy, with yellow patches at the corners of the tiled walls and the white curtains had changed color, showing they hadn’t been washed in a while.

The video generated mixed reactions from social media users. Some followers insisted that the lady should have helped the young man clean the bathroom, while others asked her to run for her life.

See some comments below,

@de_steams_and_trims wrote, “My sister run for your life o 😢”.

@prettylilacccc, “The bathroom really tell u how clean or dirty someone is !! That’s gross he needs to focus on cleaning b4 dating.”

@baelondra, “There’s no way u didn’t see any warning signs before getting to the bathroom”.

@Loosee Rodriguez, “I would havd came back with long gloves, apron on, a mask on, and cleaning products and started cleaning.”


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