Lady Escapes De@th In Auto Cr@sh, Few Hours After Romantic Proposal (VIDEO)

A Nigerian lady has just escaped death, after her car was involved in an accident with a moving truck, just hours after her boyfriend proposed to her.

This incident was revealed in a viral post circulating on a popular social media platform.

Nigerian woman escapes death in car crash hours after romantic proposal

The post captures the heartfelt moment when the lady was being proposed to by her boyfriend in a beautiful scene surrounded by their loved ones.

Shortly afterward, a tragic turn of events occurred as the  video showed the aftermath of the car accident involving the girl’s vehicle colliding with a moving truck.

The impact of the accident visibly damaged the front of the car, but thankfully, no lives were lost in the incident.

Many individuals who viewed the  video shared their thoughts in the comments section of the post.

See some reactions below:

ASA PAPATEE: “blood of Jesus, devil came late and forever he will be a late comer, there shall be no loss in Jesus name amen.”

licia0015: “Oil on my head, speed on my feet. We are too late for tragedy. I rejoice with your family, it can only be God.”

jhaneyjay8: “Jesus Christ… Thank God for this great deliverance…. May the devil not still your family’s joy…. Amen.”

DeraGift01: “Thank you Jesus they survived 🙏 untimely death will never be our portion Amen.”

Sa.rahstarr18: “Jesus Christ!! May his name be praise oo. Pre mature death is not our potion oo.”

Mime: “Thank you Jesus 🙏🙏 the devil is a liar, may God continue to protect you and your family, congratulations to your sister ❤️.”

mercycandy: “god thank u for saving them, I don’t kno them but my skin cool when I saw what happened.”


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