Lady cries profusely as 5 years relationship crashes a week to her introduction (Video)

Lady in tears as her 5 years relationship ends a week to her intoduction.

A lady is in a terrible situation after her five-year relationship collapsed a week before her wedding.

She shared a video of herself crying excessively on the popular video app TikTok, conveying the tragic incident, which elicited reactions from social media users.

She captioned the video as follows:

“My 5 years relationship just ended 1week to my introduction”

Watch the video below:

The following are some of the responses;

iffynelson wrote:

Pele dear. Breakfast sef reach myside o 😢😢”

convenientbarbingsalon wrote:

“How does they handle the camera during crying 😒”

anon.ymdex wrote:

“How do people record themselves while crying”

osas_az wrote:

“This heart break go reach everybody hand😂😂😂😂😂”


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