“Jesus Is Good” – Davido screams As Victony on Wheel Chair Stands up during His Concert [Video]

Fans were overjoyed when outstanding singer Victor Anthony, commonly known as Victony, returned to the stage for the first time since an accident in April.

This occurred during Flytime Entertainment’s ‘A Decade of Davido’ performance in the early hours of Saturday.

Victony was in a tragic car accident on April 25, 2021, and has been confined to a wheelchair since then, following a major operation.

The singer, however, unexpectedly rose from his wheelchair and joined Mayorkun in performing his hit song “Holy Father.”

The event’s organizers shared a video of the scene on their official Instagram page.

“For the first time, I want to do Holy Father properly, okay? On my feet!” Victony stated before rising.

With the support of Davido and another person on stage, the artist stood from his seat to perform to a cheering crowd.

While this was going on, Davido screamed, “Jesus is good.”

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