Jaruma Replies Ned Nwoko After He Said She Couldn’t Keep her Home


Jaruma slams Ned Nwoko in a statement on Instagram.

Jaruma has responded after Ned Nwoko slammed her in a statement he released on Instagram. Ned said Jaruma tried to benefit from his separation from estranged wife Laila Charani by claiming his youngest wife, Regina Daniels, used her sex-enhancing products on him.

Ned said Regina didn’t use Jaruma’s products on him and Jaruma couldn’t keep her marriage with her products. He added that Jaruma’s husband left her two years ago.


Responding, Jaruma subtly age-shamed Ned Nwoko.

“A whole 74-year-old daddy,” Jaruma said in a video she shared to Instagram. Jaruma also insisted that her product is working on Ned Nwoko.

“If really Kayanmata is not working on you, how can a little girl of 21 control you and your whole PR to type 5 pages of response?” Jaruma asked Ned.

Jaruma did not admit or deny that her husband has ”left” her.

Watch the video below

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