James Brown flaunts his father as he celebrates his birthday, Nigerians react


Reactions as James Brown flaunts his dad for the first time, celebrating his birthday.

James Brown, a well-known crossdresser, flaunted his father while celebrating his birthday, and some social media followers were astonished.

Brown revealed photos of his father for the first time on his birthday, thanking him for providing him the best love any parent can offer their kid and asking for long life, good health, and fortune for him.


James Brown dressed up as a lady and pretended to be his father’s daughter, signifying that his father is aware of his work and is backing him up as he should be.

The photos have left some internet users perplexed, with some asking the crossdresser if his father permitted him to attend the photoshoot dressed as a lady.

Brown wrote:

“Happy birthday To My Ever Young Radiant Dad , Thanks For Giving Me The Greatest Love Any Parents Can Give Their Daughter , You Overdosed Me With All The Care , And Unconditional Love. I Love You So Much Papa Your Daughter Wish You Longest Life Time In Good Health And Wealth”

Some reactions gathered from Netizens;


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