“I’ve Tried To Be Blue’s Friend, But She Doesn’t Give A FC*k, She Wants My Man”- Khosi (VIDEO)


Bigbrother Titans housemate, Khosi has expressed her worries over her colleague, Blue Aiva wanting her love interest, Yemi Cregx.

During a conversation with Yemi, when he wanted to go check Blue Aiva who sustained injury on one her legs, Khosi stated that she tried being cordial with Blue but Blue just want her man.



The triangular relationship between Yemi, Khosi and Blue Aiva isn’t new as they everyday unveil it’s drama. Khosi had on several occasions displayed she is the jealous type and want Yemi for herself alone.


Conversations between Khosi and her estranged boyfriend.


Khosi -Did You Have To Walk Her To Bed?

Yemi -I Told You She Has Only One Leg

I Just Dont Know How Someone With A Broken Leg Will Wear Platforms

Yemi- Did You Even Tell Blue Sorry,
You’re W!cked,You Couldn’t Even Say Sorry For Your Broken Leg

Khosi -What She Did

Khosi – Blue Is Coming For Me.

Yemi -How ?

Khosi -You Know What I’m Talking Bout, I Dont Wanna Say Shes Coming For My “•••”

I Tried To Be Cordial With Her, But Shes Like Gurl I Dont Give A F#ck Bout You, I Want This Man & I’m Gonna Get This Man Cuz We’re Not Friends.



Watch the video below:


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