“If we women could impregnate ourselves, we won’t need these men for anything” – Newlywed Maraji says


Maraji says men are only useful for impregnating women.

Gloria Oloruntobi, better known as Maraji, a popular Nigerian IG influencer, and comedian, recently stated that men are only useful for one thing, which is getting women pregnant.

After her husband failed to put the edible cowhide (pomo) she was supposed to cook later in the fridge, the newlywed skit maker, who is currently pregnant with her first child, made this statement.


When she approached him about it hours later, he informed her he didn’t realize he was meant to put it in the fridge, according to a video she published on her Instagram stories.

In response, she replied in Pidgin English that if women can get pregnant on their own, they won’t need men for anything, “Like my mummy will say, e no get wetin dem dey use man do (men are not useful for anything)“.

She then said she’s “beginning to acknowledge” that her mother’s words are true.

Watch the video below;

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