I Wanted To Be A Pastor – Bisi Alimi

Bisi Alimi reveals he wanted to be a pastor.

Bisi Alimi dreams of owning a gay club in Lagos

Nigerian gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi has revealed that he once wanted to be a pastor. According to him, there was also a time he loved girls.

Taking to Instagram on Monday evening December 20, the gay rights activist who recently referred to himself as a Lucifer, also reflected on the time he was ”confused, depressed and heartbroken.

”“Now I am going through the Lucifer stage…it might last for eternity or not but one thing is clear. This lucifer stage is becoming my most self aware, self assured, self conscious of them all,” he wrote.

“And there are still many phases I can’t remember. But in all of this. something remain constant. My curiosity.

“As a very curious being, I have always opened myself up for growth, mistakes, adventures, learning, unlearning, love, fear, tears, success and failure,” “I guess the full gist is, you are never fully grown until you are dead.

Death is the end all of everything. So please, dont deny yourself the joy of curiosity.” he added.


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