“I have had 6 surgeries in total now and currently in therapy” – CEO Tiannah’s Empire Shares Her Journey To Recovery After Bâttling A Condition That Altered Her Speaking And Bréathing (VIDEO)

Toyin Lawani, a celebrity fashion stylist and reality TV star, has revealed that she has undergone total of 6 surgeries and currently in therapy due to battle with critical health conditions which altered her speaking and breathing.

Toyin Lawani

MOMEDIA recalls that the Real Housewives of Lagos star, revealed in an Instagram post on Friday, December 15, 2023, when she was diagnosed suffering from a brain-related illness that required surgery.

Toyin stated that she was suffering from a “degenerative spine and a cyst in my brain” and that she had to undergo multiple surgeries, which she has recently completed 6 in total.

A viral video was shared, showing the mother of three posted chronicling her medical journey leading up to the surgery, as well as the her medical

Attention during the completion stage.

See the video below…

MOMEDIA also recalled that Toyin Lawani, who celebrated her wedding anniversary, wrote:

“I legitimately died for a whole 10mins. While I was pregnant for (sic) My daughter @kingtinukeleota, I started having serious, Neck/back/leg pains. And it got to a time I would get paralysed on the left side of my body and wouldn’t be able to move at all, I was on painkiller injections all through, Even while shooting, it was hell doing those diaries sessions. I was later diagnosed with a Degenerative spine and a cyst in my Brain.”

Tiannah added that she died for a whole 10 minutes before they were able to bring her back to life.
She stated that her lungs collapsed, she also developed edema and from fixing artificial implants in her spine to be able to walk properly again, went to developing complications that got her on a tracheostomy tube for 3 months.

Toyin said the sickness affected her family and business and she is still fighting for her life but she decided to tell her story and stand tall.

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