“I Almost C0mmitted Su!c!de This Morning” – Comedian Princess Sh0ckingly Reveals As Pastor Femi Lazarus Shares His Story (VIDEO)


Nigerian comedian, Princess has shockingly revealed she almost committed suicide in the early hours of today as Pastor Femi Lazarus shares his story.

Comedian Princess and Femi Lazarus


Pastor Femi Lazarus shared on his Instagram page a video of him narrating to his congregation how he wanted to commit suicide years ago.


According to his narration, he attempted to electrify himself to death using a boiling ring until God saved him when NEPA took off the light.


That didn’t stop there, Femi also said in his early days when they went for evangelism in Kano, he preached with so much anger just to provoke someone who would eventually kill him.


Reacting to Femi Lazarus’ story, Princess commented; “To actually think I almost committed suicide this morning 😪 #Godisfaithful”.



Watch the video below:



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