“How Can One Person Go Through So Much & Still Die Below 50”- Empress Njamah Reacts To Her Best Friend, Ada Ameh’s [email protected]

Nollywood actress, Empress Njamah has reacted to the death of her best friend, Ada Ameh, who slumped and died in a Delta State hospital earlier today.

Ada Ameh Empress Njamah

See a screenshot on Empress Njamah Instagram story:

Ada ameh

A Throwback video of Late Nollywood actress, Ada Ameh speaking about battling with Max depression after losing her daughter, three sisters, three brothers and her father, has emerged online.

According to reports, the interview was done just two weeks ago on the programme, Your View on TVC.

In the video which emerged hours after her death, Ada Ameh opened up more about the tragedies she’s experienced in the last few years.

She said;

“I’ve been depressed for some years and it became worse when I lost my daughter in 2020.

“Sometimes I wake up and you know, we (me and my daughter) practically grew up together, I was 14 when I had her. So she was more like my younger sister. She was my friend, she was my best friend.

“I just saw my world crumble before me. I’d lost three of my sisters before that time and each of them had three children. I’d lost like three of my brothers and my father.

“So after burying all these people then my daughter. Hmm.

“After my younger sister died in 2018, I thought I was going to be the next. But when my daughter died, my world crumbled before me.

 “Sometimes I see myself, I could cry for days. I’ve been in and out of hospitals.”

When the interviewer asked if her pain will be an opportunity for her to help others, Ada replied;

“Definitely. I get direct messages almost everyday. Some people say they want to commit suicide and I ask them why.

“After burying seven family members and my daughter joined, became the eighth of them, do you know what that means? I died a thousand times.

“So if I see anybody that is going through it, one of the advice I would give to them is to first talk to a doctor. Get professional help.

“I used to go to Calabar before now because you know Nigeria we’re very funny. When you say mental issue, they just assume that you’re running mad. It could be schizophrenia, it could be depression, and it could be anything.

“So I used to leave Lagos to Calabar to get medical attention until recently we got a doctor in Lagos. It was very messy, it was very bad. God just helped me.”

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