“Don’t let anyone use fake life to deceive you. Every flex the HMs have posted during the trip is sponsored” — BBN Adekunle Says, Dotun & Eloswag Reacts

Reality TV star, Adekunle Olopade has stirred up Reactions on social media after he tweeted about his colleagues who are living fake lives.


Adekunle also shared a lengthy note about his co-housemates, fans and life after the Big Brother Naija show.

“Don’t let anyone use fake life to deceive you. Every flex the HMs have posted during the trip is sponsored” — BBN Adekunle, Dotun & Eloswag Reacts

Adekunle wrote:

I have always wanted to achieve excellence on a different level. Not because I have anything to prove, but because I know that I have the capacity to.

The past few days have been as I feared.

Everyone knows that I am not a pushover and you cannot walk over me unless I allow you to. I am a brand now, I have a very strong community behind me, I watch what I say now and I honestly, feel bad for most of you.

This very strong community is the ISLANDERS. A family and community of intentional, good, decent, dedicated people, who have decided to take a strong stance against rubbish and nonsense. People who truly value authenticity, vigor, and focus. This solid community of people that never for once abandoned me, or left me to hang out and dry when it looked like everyone turned against me. For staying with me, for always praying for me, for always being there for me and having my back, for 80k followers on Twitter, and 340k followers on IG, all organic (unlike some people), again, I want to say thank you.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

My resolve is to be the bigger person now and give you all the opportunity to show your true nature. I mean, I can come down to your level and roll in the mud with you, but, I’m not called KGOSI (King) for nothing.

Sidenote; Dear Annex Fanbase, Secret fans, Islanders, and those who belong to the KUWA (Keeping Up With Adekunle) association, Islanders are very welcoming people. If you are tired of supporting your faves because they don’t have much to offer you, I’m sure the islanders will welcome you. Asides from our ability to give it back to you when you move crazy, we are also very accommodating because as we reprimand, so, do we accommodate lost people.

Here’s the thing. Why are you fighting when you can all make money together? Is your takeaway from the show really that you are in competition with the other housemates? If yes, you be mumu o. All of us came off the platform with the same level of exposure and opportunity to thrive, but what have you decided to do with it? Be unnecessarily toxic. Do you realize that the more you focus all that negative energy on me, the more you grow in hate and devalue yourself? Do not get carried away by the immediate fame, fanbase and attention, and lose what you have been dreaming of all this while (this one is particular to those who applied more than once). When the lights are off, remember that it’s just you and your problems. Please don’t think I’m talking to anyone in particular. I’ve muted a lot of people, so I actually don’t see them. I’m not talking to anyone specifically. But there are people who will collect this stray bullet. 

A few things I need to clear up.

For those who feel I ruined someone’s mental health, I’m envious of someone, I desperately want to be in someone’s shadow, or I’m intimidated by someone, the many more ridiculous narratives you have come up with to make yourselves feel better,

Please note, 

There is nothing your fave can do, that I, Adekunle cannot do.

There are so many things that I, Adekunle can do, that your faves cannot do.

I won the most cash this season. Let’s end this poor person narrative.

I am TASKUNLE. Even your faves either wanted me on their team, looked around for me during a task, were afraid of me during a task, or just strongly believed in me to carry the team on its back.

I got personal commendations from Big Brother one too many times. Even for skills and abilities some of your faves said they have/do. 

There is nothing I did in that house, that wasn’t a reflection of love. Even when those who were actively against me kept their energy 100, it still didn’t matter. Even when they kept on putting me up for eviction, it still didn’t matter. 

I always repaid wickedness with kindness, until I couldn’t take it anymore. And even then, I didn’t see any wicked act through. I just talked and moved on.

There is nothing negative I did to any housemate, that wasn’t done to me first. 

I do not hate or bear any ill will toward anyone. Up until this very moment. I genuinely believe that we cannot all, and we shouldn’t all be friends. Hence, I am making a conscious and deliberate effort to avoid people that I know do not like me, or feel a certain type of way about me.

Up until this moment, I still wish everyone the best. I really do wish everyone wins. 

If you are faceless on the internet and you say rubbish on my page or post, I will block you. I don’t have the time for nonsense like your faves.

I am not claiming to be right about everything or not having my downsides, or not recognizing my wrongs. For areas where I have fallen short, really and truly, I apologize to everyone I have hurt. I am only human and I am prone to making mistakes.

I forgive, but, I don’t forget.

Going forward, I am not taking the quiet or look-away route. Anymore You know you have hidden secrets that I know. If you move anyhow towards me again, I won’t save face or save you. I will expose you. 

Some of your faves are living fake lives and you shouldn’t be encouraging it. Except, for birds of the same feathers. 

Another Sidenote: Every flex the housemates have posted on Mark’s and Jack’s internet during the trip has been sponsored by Pepsi. Don’t let anyone use fake life to deceive you. EVERYTHING!

Please spend your time, energy, and resources on ensuring that your faves are well looked after and that life after big brother is everything they hoped it to be. Because woe betides who isn’t making money but has time for a fight. He/she will just be fighting themselves. On that note, there are things I wanted to say many weeks back but I couldn’t because the internet was an unreasonable place. Every housemate that has signed a deal now (minor or major) congratulations.

Congratulations to those working their butts off trying to make a name for themselves.

Congratulations to those whose deals and endorsements are still well on their way. To all level 1 housemates, see you at the top. To all level 2 housemates, I can’t wait to see what the world has in store for you.

To everyone, Congratulations!

This fan wars, beef, and things, I, Adekunle am not around for it. I have said it in the house and I will say it again if you have a problem with me or you want to fight with me, walk up to me. Otherwise, let’s end/forget about it *inserts BBN theme song*. 

But you see, the more you spend your time entertaining negativity and endorsing vile behavior, the more you are letting brands know that you are untouchable, and no one will want to work with you. And all of this will have been for nothing.

As a wise man once said,

Some of us are wise, and every other person over wise.

Always remember that there will always be today, tomorrow, and forever.

“The only thing they know how to do is go live.

The only thing we know how to do is live life”. – Adekunle Olopade.

Until next time, K.


Reacting to his tweet, Eloswag subtly told him to use the @ button next time, while Dotun said people lie too much these days.



“Don’t let anyone use fake life to deceive you. Every flex the HMs have posted during the trip is sponsored” — BBN Adekunle, Dotun & Eloswag Reacts

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