Did you have ever killed a warm with salt? please read this

Earthworms have a skin sacred Marcosand keep the skin moist all the times which is very crucial for the survival of an earthworm as respiration takes place through the moist skin due to the absence of a respiratory organ.

The oxygen dissolves on the Mucus and then it is carried by the circulatory system to the cells, so it is really important for the skin to be moist at all-time or else do earthworm could die of suffocation.

This happens when you pour salt on an earthworm, since salt is hygroscopic,when sprinkled upon the earthworm is absorb all the moisture of the skin making it dry and hence there is no moisture left for reparation and it dies of suffocation.

Now, everyone reading this would have discovered that in one way or the all that you have inflicted pain on an innocent animal who never mean harm.

Please let us stop killing them if you’re still doing this.

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