Cheapest Car Insurance In US and Australia

Getting an insurance company for your car might not be a hard task but what could pose as a task for you is knowing the cheapest car insurance in the US and Australia, cars with the cheapest insurance rates in the US, and Australia, car insurance comparison in US and Australia, benefits of car insurance auto insurance in Troy and Michigan, USA.

Cheapest Car Insurance In US and Australia

This article aims at providing you with a vast knowledge of what you need to know about insuring cars.

Cheapest Car Insurance In US and Australia- Cars With Cheapest Insurance Rates In US.

Currently, the cheapest cars to insure in the US are the following cars:

• 2017 Smart Fortwo. The insurance of this car costs $598/per year
• 2011 Subaru Outbreak which is insured for $694/year
• 2001 Honda Civic- $850/year
• 2016 Volkswagen Jetta- $991/year
• 2020 Subaru Outback- $1207/year
• 2020 Honda CR-V which is insured at $1172/year
• 2020 RAV 4- $1,266/year
• 2020 Jeep Wrangler- $1,225/year
According to Forbes, the following cars are the cheapest cars to be insured as at June 2022
• Honda CR-V LX at $1574
• Jeep Wrangler JI Sports – $1585
• Subaru Forester 2.51- $1613
• Subaru Crosstrek- $1606
• Ford Escape- $1663
• Chevrolet Equinox L- $1661
Since you are going for the cheapest cars to insure, avoid getting the following cars
• Electric Vehicles: The batteries in electric vehicles alone are expensive so if you do not want your car insurance to be expensive, consider this.
• Sports Cars: Sports cars are mostly used by young people and due to the rate of speed many young people use during driving, the risk of an accident becomes high which in turn influences insurance.
• Luxury cars
The model of car that is to be insured and the cost of repair are some other factors that could influence the rate of car insurance in America.

Cars With Cheapest Insurance Rates In Australia.

The following are the cheapest cars to insure in Australia
o Mazda CX3
o Mazda CX5
o Citron C3
o Skoda Scala
o Sedan N line
In Australia, there are factors that influence the rate of car insurance and they include;
o Car value: Insurance companies need to know the value of your car
o History of the driver: the driver’s history is checked to find out if he has been involved in a crime before
o Gender of the driver
o Your car rating: Your car should have a four-star rating. The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) usually provides car customers with safety ratings.
o Popularity of your car: A popular car might attract more insurance rate
o Age: Males under the age of 20 pay most for car insurance and this is partly because of the speed at which males under this category drive
o Years of experience: If a driver has a good number of years of experience, he is less likely to drive recklessly or even get involved in an accident.
o How often do you drive
o Family-Sized Car: If it is a family-sized car it will be hard for it to get involved in an accident due to the cautiousness of the driver.
o Fuel Consumption
o History of the car: IS it often involved in an accident or it hardly gets involved in an accident
o Age of the car: Most times, an older car will cost less
o No Claim Bonus: This is a kind of discount offered to customers for not making claims in the previous policy period.

The rate of insurance of a car is also influenced by the state the car is being insured. In Brisbane, the average cost of car insurance for a Toyota Camry goes as follows:

o Toyota Corolla- $735-$736/year
o Toyota Hilux- $870-$890/year
o Mazda 3-$787-$805/year. The gender of the driver is included in these rates
In Sydney, the following are rates of car insurance with the inclusion of the gender
o Mazda 3-$1,075-$1,106
o Toyota Corolla- $1,011-$ 1,027
o Toyota Hilux- $1,119-$1,201
In Melbourne, a car insurance rate with inclusion of gender goes as follows
o Mazda 3-$1070-$1,035
o Toyota Corolla- $781-$990
o Toyota Hilux- $1,142-$1,167

The state to get the cheapest car insurance in Australia is Tasmania, where the annual average rate is $873 while the most expensive state when it comes to car insurance is Victoria, there annual car insurance rate is $1487 followed by New South Waves.

According to the finder, those below or above the age of 20 pay an average of $2,097/year, those in their 30s pay $1,081.51 annually, those in their 40s pay $2,112/year, and those above 50 pay $953 annually.

Cheapest Car Insurance In US And Australia- Car Insurance Comparison In US

The amount of car insurance in the US varies from state to state and also on the insurance company. The following are the states in the United States of America and their full car insurance coverage per annum. The prices for each state differ.
1. Alabama- $3,632
2. Alaska- $2,650
3. Arizona- $3,294
4. Arkansas-$3,850
5. California- $3,564
6. Colorado-$3,969
7. Connecticut- $3,638
8. Delaware- $4,741
9. Florida- $4,890
10. Georgia-$3,714
11. Hawaii-$1,143
12. Idaho-$2,124
13. Illinois-$3,172
14. Indiana-$2,409
15. Iowa-$2,124
16. Kansas-$3,478
17. Kentucky-$4,915
18. Louisiana-$5,873
19. Maine-$2,469
20. Maryland-$4,490
21. Massachusetts-$2,618
22. Michigan-$4,616
23. Minnesota-$2,884
24. Mississippi-$3,636
25. Missouri-$3,543
26. Montana-$3,543
27. Nebraska-$2,915
28. Nevada-$5,052
29. New Hampshire-$2,448
30. New Jersey-$3,883
31. New Mexico-$2,784
32. New York-$3,958
33. New Carolina-$1,533
34. North Dakota-$2,344
35. Ohio-$2,298
36. Oklahoma-$3,632
37. Oregon-$2,599
38. Pennsylvania-$3,380
39. Rhode Island-$4,820
40. South Carolina-$3,178
41. South Dakota-$2,567
42. Tennessee-$2,954
43. Texas-$3,805
44. Utali-$3,371
45. Vermont-$2,410
46. Virginia-$2,884
47. Washington-$2,783
48. Washington DC-$3,785
49. West Virginia-$3,442
50. Wisconsin-$2,602
51. Wyoming-$2,937

Insurance rates in the US depend on age and gender too. There are different types of car insurance in the US and they include:

▪ Collision Car Insurance: This type of insurance policy covers damages to your car should your car collide with another car or a pole or rail.
▪ Liability Car Insurance: This covers you when you cause an accident with your car, it pays for damages done on the other party’s car and covers for funeral if lives were lost but you and your car are excluded from the coverage.

▪ Comprehensive Car Insurance: This covers you against any damages to your car, damages caused by collision, vandalism, or theft.

▪ Uninsured/underinsured Motorist Insurance: If you have an accident with a motorist with insufficient insurance, this scheme covers you.

▪ Medical Payments Insurance: If there is a vehicle-related treatment, this insurance takes it up, it covers you and your passengers. Not all states in the US have this type.

▪ Personal Injury Protection Insurance:

This covers medical treatment and other losses as a result of injury like lost wages from days you couldn’t work as a result of injury or health issues you sustained from an accident.

▪ Gap insurance
▪ Rental Car Reimbursement
▪ Rideshare Insurance
▪ Accident Forgiveness Insurance
▪ Mechanical Breakdown Insurance
Car Insurance Comparison In Australia
When choosing a car insurance policy in Australia, go for the one that has your choice of a rental car and the one that will fit into your budget.
▪ Comprehensive Car Insurance: This type of car insurance covers damages to all vehicles and properties involved in an accident including your vehicle and properties as long as you were at fault.
▪ Third Party Property Damage Insurance: It covers the damages to people’s cars and properties if you are at fault. It excludes you
▪ Third Party Property, Fire, and Theft Car Insurance: If you are at fault, it covers damages to other people’s cars and properties but not yours. It only covers your car if your car was damaged by fire or anything or if your car was stolen.
▪ Compulsory Third Party: This covers you if you sustained an injury from an accident caused by you, it covers you for up to 26 weeks
Auto Insurance in Troy and Michigan, US
o Kimberly Morris- State Farm Insurance Agent at 6441 Inkster Rd, Ste 240
o Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, AAA Troy- Rochester at 25 E long lake Rd, Troy, MI 48085
o Adren Hendrix- State farm insurance agent, MI

Cheapest Car Insurance In US And Australia -Benefits of Car Insurance

Insuring your car comes with so many benefits
✓ Damage or loss: If your car gets damaged or stolen or if any part is stolen at all, the insurance takes control
✓ If you injure someone with your car, your insurance will pay the expenses
✓ It keeps you free from the hassles of running around just to fix your car
✓ Insurance prolongs the value of your car
✓ It covers the legal cost
✓ It covers medical bills for a person you injured while driving and can as well cover you too but it depends on the type of car insurance.
✓ It protects your car from any natural disaster or man-made attack
✓ If a person who has insured his car dies in a car accident, the insurance covers his funeral and compensates the family.

Cheapest Car Insurance In US And Australia- Companies In the US That Offer Car Insurance

❖ Geico: According to Forbes, the average annual rate for good drivers is $1.182 and the annual rate for drivers with a speeding ticket is $1,579. It was established in 1936 as the Government Employees Insurance Company and that is where the name Geico comes from. They offer accident forgiveness and also offer a good rate for drivers and seniors who can be expensive to insure. Their average annual full coverage premium is $1297 while the minimum coverage premium is $ 1397. Located at Chevy Chade, Md. Their slogan is “15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance”. The company also offers a military auto insurance section which is staffed by veterans.

❖ State Farm: Their average annual full coverage premium is $1,397 and the average annual minimum coverage is $456. They reward drivers with discounts on car insurance policies but it depends on their good driving habits. This insurance company is located at Bloomington, III.

❖ USAA: Located in San Antonio, Texas. The average annual full coverage premium (AAFCP) is $1,209 while the average annual minimum coverage premium (AAMCP) is $354.

❖ Progressive: This insurance company is located in Mayfield Village, Ohio. AAFCP is $1,561 while AAMCP is $542. This insurance tracks your driving and then lowers your rates if you are found driving safe.

❖ Allstate: Located at Northbrook, Ill. AAFCP is $2438. Allstate car insurance rates for drivers with a DUI conviction are high and if you cause an accident with your car, your car insurance rate could go up when it is time for renewal. Allstate offers accident forgiveness insurance but as an optional add-on. The coverage “forgives” an accident and it won’t lead to an increase in your premium even when the accident was caused by you. It offers new car replacements as an add-on and also offers loan or lease gap insurance.

If your car is totaled and it gets involved in an accident, and the insurance payout for the value of the vehicle is lower than what you owe on a car loan or lease, gap insurance pays the difference. You might want to consider taking this coverage if you have a large loan or lease amount and if you know the value of your vehicle will depreciate soon.

Some of their discounts include:

Multiple policy discount: If you have more than one Allstate policy, you could save money off your premiums.

Responsible payer discount: If you didn’t receive a cancellation notice within the past year, you can get a discount.

Anti-lock brake discount. Driving a car with anti-lock brakes will save you money.

Early signing discount: If you sign your policy seven or more days before it becomes effective, you could receive a discount.

Safe driving club discount: If you meet certain safe driving requirements, you could qualify for the safe driving club and can also get a discount.

❖ Liberty Mutual: Located in Boston, Mass. The Liberty better car replacement policy program can replace your car with a model that is one year with up to 15,000 miles than your totaled car.

❖ Farmers: Located in Los Angeles, California. AAFCP is $1524 while AAMCP is $550. Here you can buy original equipment manufacturer coverage.

That is, if your car is damaged, the original manufacturer part will be used to repair it. It also offers ride-sharing coverage and you can replace your car with a new model but only if your vehicle is less than 2 years old and has fewer than 24,000 miles.

❖ Travellers: Located in New York City, NY. AAFCP is $1,568 while AAMCP is $508. This insurance company has rental car coverage, and accident forgiveness and you can replace a new car too. If you are sure of being a cautious driver you could use the IntelliDrive policy, it allows the company to track you with a smartphone app for 90 days and if it is confirmed that you drive safely, the cost of your premium will be reduced.

❖ Nationwide: It is located in Columbus, Ohio. AAFCP is $1,383 while AAMCP is $549.

❖ American Family: Their AAFCP is $1,090 while the AAMCP is $465.

❖ Autoclub Group
❖ Chubb
❖ Amica: Their average premium is $9,485
❖ Country Financial. This insurance company is not available in all US states, it is only available in 19 states and it does not offer rideshare coverage for drivers who use their personal vehicle to drive for Uber, it also does not cover gap insurance. The following are some coverage options.

Bodily injury liability coverage:

Protects you financially if you hurt someone in an accident
Collision coverage: Pays for car repairs when you’re in an accident.

Comprehensive coverage: This helps pay for damages if your car is stolen, vandalized, or damaged from an occurrence other than an accident with another car
Medical payments coverage: This covers medical bills that result from an accident.

Property damage liability: Pays for damages if you cause damage to someone else’s property.

❖ The Hartford: This is only for drivers who are members of the American Association of Retired Persons(AARP).

❖ Erie Insurance: If you are under 25, this insurance policy could be fit for you. Its AAFCP is $1,621.

They offer accident forgiveness too meaning there will be no surcharge the first time you’re at fault in an accident but that is after you have been a customer for three years. If you own more than one car, you can enlarge your auto coverage for little pennies a day. If your new car gets completely damaged after an accident, it will be replaced with a new vehicle of the latest model year but that is if the car is less than two years and if it is totaled, it can replace an older car with a vehicle two years newer.

❖ Sentry: If you have a DUI, this could be for you. Its AAFCP is $4,392.

❖ New Jersey Manufacturer’s Group

Cheapest Car Insurance In US And Australia- Companies In Australia That Offer Car Insurance

❖ Huddle Comprehensive Car Insurance: This insurance offers a new car replacement if the totaled car is under 2 years, the policy covers over $500 for child safety seats and prams, $500 for travel and accommodation costs after an accident but if you are more than 200km away from home. It also offers $1000 to replace keys and locks if stolen.

❖ Virgin Money Comprehensive Car Insurance: This is good for young drivers. It offers a 15% no claims discount and a 15% buy online discount for the first year premium. In this insurance policy, you can book in for towing if the vehicle is unsafe to drive because of the damage an accident has caused and essential repairs of $500 will be covered by Virgin Money. You can also claim up to $1,000 (at $200 per day) for travel and accommodation costs that are only after an insurable incident. If your car is stolen or if you have been involved in an accident that was not your fault, you are qualified to hire a car to cover up to 14 days (or up to $1,000).

❖ Woolworths Comprehensive Car Insurance: This insurance changes your car if it is below two years old and it also offers a 15% buy online discount. If you cause damages to someone’s car, the company will replace or repair the other driver’s car or property for up to $20m, they tow your car to the nearest safe or secure place after an insured incident and also cover for any loss or damages to your car peradventure something happens to it while it’s being transported through land, sea, rail or air within Australia. This insurance company also assists you when it comes to repairs or replacement costs of your front windscreen glass if it’s accidentally damaged. In addition to this, you’ll pay no excess for the first front windscreen claim under this insurance policy.

❖ Youi Comprehensive Car Insurance: It offers $1,000 during an emergency in order to cover repairs and accumulation. You can get a new car when your car is old or damaged that is if you bought the car new or as a dealer demonstration model.

❖ Budget Direct Gold Comprehensive Car Insurance: Offers a 15% buy online discount, can get a new for old car replacement if the car is less than two years and has been driven less than 40,000km. Budget Direct also offers standard comprehensive insurance but it can only be bought over the phone. Under the Gold Comprehensive policy, you will be paid up to $500 if your personal effects are damaged in a collision or stolen from your car, you will also be separately paid $500 if any child seats or any baby capsules are damaged in a collision you got involved in or if it was stolen from your car.

Just as insuring your life, body, health, house, and kid are important, it is also important that you pay attention to the maintenance of your car and the safety of yourself and your passengers. This is what a car insurance company can help you do peradventure you get too busy to handle all these. Aside from the insurance companies listed above, there are other insurance companies in US and Australia that help you with your car.

We hope this article guides you in choosing the cheapest car insurance in US and Australia, makes you know the cars with the cheapest insurance rates in the US and in Australia and car insurance comparisons in US and Australia. We also hope with the help of the article you have been able to know the various benefits of car insurance and auto insurance in Troy and Michigan, USA.

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