‘Ceec Does Not Forgive Or Forget” Reactions As Ceec Says Alex Never Wanted Her To Showcase Her Talent (VIDEO)


Alex didn’t want me to show any talent cos to her she was in a competition with me. She was scared of what i could do. – Ceec talks about the task that led to her fight with Alex.

She also said:


. I checked people’s energy the first day we walked into this house cos I’m highly intuitive and I’m never wrong.
I checked Alex’s energy, she showed me what she was here for.

Some comments online:


This babe no dey forget Haba what kind of human being is this I thought you guys where friends before she left nawa ohhhh make una dey pray for this babe hanhan


Ceec pls who are you if you kwn you are better than them, then why did you come to a competition with them always talking down on people


The whole world can pretend not to see who Cece really is. It’s clear who she is. Alex, dearest you will go far. Don’t respond to nor address her ever.


She’s too bitter for my liking,she acts like she’s perfect,why can’t she watch others before she speaks,is not everything the eyes sees the mouth must say all in the name of no fake zone,she has an unforgiving spirit and trust me it will cost her a lot…whatever people saw in her then I don’t know


See video:


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