Burna Boy Vows To Always Be The Cause Of Joy To Everyone


Burna boy promises to be the cause of joy to everyone he meets.

Award-winning Nigerian entertainer, Damini Ogulu professionally called Burna Boy has announced that he has turned a new life on social media.

In the latest post on his Instagram story, Burna Boy confessed that he has caused people pain in the past he swore that for the remaining days in this world he will bring joy to people he comes across no matter what.


According to him, the person you are looking at right now or that stranger you’re sitting next to on the bus or anywhere, even that person you laugh and joke with whenever you meet could be going through the worst kind of hell and you will not know until they are gone.

From the bottom of his heart the Grammy winner promised to change his ways and let his existence put smiles on people’s faces.

See his post below;

Reacting to this;

ceemplybecca wrote; `Please use me to start…I’m not fine I’m AA just squeeze something inside my Akkant! Taink u

barido wrote; `People are going through a lot they can’t talk about, the least you could do is to be kind to everyone..

aniscooser wrote; `He’s making sense. And to everyone who is trying their hardest to remain positive regardless of what’s going on in their lives at present, please stay strong. God is with you.

benigna360 wrote; `The moment we understand that we are in the life on transit, the better for all of us. I wish him well.


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