“Being gay is not a crime, it’s a lifestyle in U.S” – James Brown

James Brown speaks on being gay, reveals details about his family

James Brown, a well-known crossdresser, has claimed that being gay is neither a crime nor a negative thing.

During an interview with Hip TV, the dancer asserted that the gay lifestyle is practiced by many people in the United States and is not against the law.

He also stated that he dislikes being labeled as gay because he has yet to declare his sexuality.

Being gay is neither a crime nor a flaw. It’s about people’s lifestyles in other countries, as well as in the United States. People l“Being gay is not a crime, it’s not a bad thing. It’s people’s lifestyle abroad, in the U.S.I don’t like people labelling me gay because I haven’t said it. Let me be the one to say it”. He said.

James Brown also divulged a bit about his family, revealing that he doesn’t speak to his mother because of the way she directs her rage at him.

As he puts it;

”I talk to my dad, but I don’t talk to my mother. I won’t call her a wicked woman but she never cared about me. She sees my dad in me because they used to have this personal conflict. So anytime I am always around her, she sees me as my dad and always aggressive around me. Because of that, we don’t have a good relationship. I was traumatized growing up, I wanted to be loved by my parents despite their differences. I just wanted to be loved and be taken care of. I never had that. I got me depressed. My parents breakup traumatized me”.


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