Battle Of The Princesses; Bobrisky & Papaya F!ght, James Brown Kneels To Greet Bobrisky (VIDEO)


Earlier today, Bobrisky and Instagram influencer, Papaya fought at an event in Lagos state. Recall that yesterday, Bobrisky accused Papaya of trying to copy his housewarming pattern. He also made jest of her outfit.


At the event today, Papaya and James Brown kept dancing behind Bobrisky, this got him angry, and he threw a bottle at them. Also, as James Brown approached him to greet….., he told him to kneel.

See Video below







The Nigerian crossdresser,   Bobrisky, months ago replied busybodies asking why he hasn’t moved into his mansion yet.

This is coming days after the crossdresser unveiled his new mansion located in Lagos state which Is reportedly worth over ₦400 million.

However, some passersby disclosed that the whole mansion is deserted and not even a single

ir-conditioner has been installed on the property.

A video of the mansion was also shared online to show that the controversial transvestite is yet to furnish or move into the home, despite reportedly spending millions on a lavish housewarming party.

Bobrisky has now responded to the comments in the viral video shared on his social media page.

He persuaded fans that he is certainly the owner of the house so he doesn’t need to rush into it.

According to him, he has hired an interior decorator to furnish the mansion to his taste and was allegedly billed ₦80 million for the furnishing alone because the furniture wasn’t imported.

The crossdresser also added that people shouldn’t rush him into moving into his own house while revealing when he plans to move in.


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