Angry Netizens Storm Judy Austin’s Page, Drag Her Through the Mud Over Yul Edochie’s Son’s Death

Angry Netizens Storm Judy Austin’s Page, Drag Her Through the Mud Over Yul Edochie’s Son’s Death

With the passing of her stepson, Kambilinachukwu, Judy Austin, the second wife of Nollywood actor and director Yul Edochie, is currently under heat from online users who are swarming her page.


The youngster reportedly died while playing football at school, according to reports. This tragedy struck suddenly and mysteriously in the eyes of netizens.

Judy Austin, who has been despised by the majority of internet users ever since it was revealed that she was a second wife, is currently feeling the pressure as IG users go to her profile in droves to criticize and make deplorable suggestions.

Recent comments sighted on her latest posts were undoubtedly ruthless.

See below:

One Benjamin Chike on Instagram wrote “Sad, Polygamy is a no no, you will have to fight so many spiritual attacks, God bless comfort his parents”

One Tobechukwu wrote “This man just brought bad luck into his sweet home by marrying Judy Austin as second wife… eehn, May God comfort them…”

One Leemart wrote “POLYGAMY IS NOT A JOKE IT A WAR FRONT , I know his cause of death might have been another reason medically but isn’t a little child suddenly slumped & died ! Isn’t that strange ? But what is hidden to man is clear at the sight of God . God knows best , this is so disheartening too much pain for any parent to bare.”

One Brenda wrote ” Yul Edochie, u re not d first to cheat on ur wife and not d first to marry ur side chick but u were d first to announce d shocking news to ur God given first wife on social media, continuous bragging on d internet and too much information forcing ur wife to find it difficult to protect u and d home, u exposed ur home and u also did it dragging another man’s wife and children acting like u re god and untouchable, bad things happens to ppl I knw but wen u forcefully gamble ur peaceful home u make it inevitable for d bad things to catch u before u were supposed to experienced it or could have avoided it all together. U think Mr. Obasi and his fNo matter wat anybody will say this is spiritual and u did dis to ur family!”

Some netizens however rose up to Judy Austin’s defense

One Amaka wrote “So many people in the comment section displaying gross senselessness…..Why must y’all drag Judy into this, y’all are even worst than her. Didn’t you guys have thought that it might be health-related? Y’all go about sleeping with people’s husbands, getting pregnant, and having several abortions for them, some of you wish these men can take you as a second wife”

One Nike wrote “Can people respect the dead and stop being ridiculous by saying causes of polygamy I mean what is all this ya all screaming these don’t even know your fathers how did Nigerians become this heartless someone lost his 15-year-old should you be saying causes of polygamy”

While one Kunle wrote “It’s crazy that so many people are linking the death of yul edochie’s son to polygamy. Davido lost his son, and Dbanj lost his son too. death can happen to anyone. That family has gone through a lot mentally. This is not the time to cancel anybody. Pay your tribute and stop lashing!”

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