3 Nigerian Musicians Who Were Born Blind And Still Became Successful

There are many blind people within the world. Some people suffer from partial blindness, while others also suffer from complete blindness. Some people seen with blindness were either born with it or caused by some factors, like accidents. There are many celebrities today who were born blind, but their diligence paved the way for them to become successful today. They include the following.

(1) Cobhams Asuquo

Asuquo is another blind musician doing some marvels in the world of music. He was born blind on the 6th of January 1981. He started his academic training as a lawyer, before diverting into music, which was a passion he had always nurtured. Music has always been a part of Asuquo. As a child, Cobhams would play the blues and whistle along. Also, the sound of a piano and radio used to make him happy. Cobhams describes his sound as honest because he loves making music with no strings attached. He makes different genres of music.

Currently, he is one of the most sought-after producers as he has also produced several award-winning songs for popular Nigerian artists such as Timi Dakolo, Omawumi, Banky W, Djinee, Dare Art Alade, Chidinma, Praiz, etc. Cobhams Asuquo married Ojuolape Veronica Olukanni on the 2nd of December 2010, and the couple was blessed with two children. His first son, David, was discovered blind after four months of birth.

(2) Chidinma

The Nigerian singer, AKA Ms. Kedike, has revealed she was born blind during a chat with Guardian Life. According to her, she was born blind and the blindness lasted for some months. Luckily for her, she later regained her sight. However, this was a bad experience for Ber and that was while she has devoted herself to helping many visually impaired kids out there because she knows exactly what it feels like to be in that situation.

She further disclosed that, in order to achieve this, she opened a foundation and, for more than two years, she has been using her foundation to do quite a lot of things for visually impaired kids. She has been able to take it to some places in Africa, such as Nigeria and Togo.

(3) Yahaya Makaho

According to reports, the 31-year-old, who is from the Giwa local government area of the state, became blind after suffering from measles at the tender age of three. The only option he had to survive was to engage in street begging. In 2003, he decided to start singing. Initially, he sang in favor of some top politicians, like Atiku, etc. He further said that when he stopped begging, if sympathizers gave him money because of his lost sight, he gave it to another beggar. This made him broke at that time. When he sang for a staff member of NNPC, he had to trek for about 26 kilometers to deliver his song.

Currently, the singer has overcome obstacles that often crush the dreams of disabled people in this region and has risen from street beggar to star. He has recorded over 375 songs. He was happily married to Lubabatu in 2013 and was blessed with a son.

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